Fabric Printing

Print custom pillows and fabric, using the latest technologies. We have qualified staff in using printing devices and designers with extensive experience in the field.


Work equipment

We provide workwear, made from a lightweight and durable material, with simple design, intended for work in normal environment, they are not substitutes for special protection equipment.

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Cleaning products

Our abrasive cleaning paste is ideal for cleaning dirty hands of grease, oil or other impurities. Due to its strong action, removes dirt and most resistant stains without causing irritation.

Protect environment

Bangsonic realises the deep imprint that leaves the environment industry, therefore we can recycle at a rate of 100% of waste materials after production.

As a result we help reduce deforestation, and decrease the cost of production.


Every client is important to us and we treat them with particular attention. We take care that each product or service we provide to be the best in its category, and especially to be delivered promptly and impeccable conditions. We guarantee 100% quality



Bangsonic has become the largest manufacturer of industrial cloth wipes from Romania, strong competition being the main driver in the innovation and design of the products, also the best in terms of quality. So we managed to win the trust of all our clients of the most varied sectors of activity.



We bring added value to our clients through ethics, professionalism and permanent adaptation to customer needs, providing complex solutions and complete.